DSP Technology
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    DSP Technology

    We have world-leading technology in high-speed transmission, signal generation and signal analysis of digital signals. Our technology is also applied to Digital RF technology, leading the 4G LTE / 5G wireless signal processing market.

    High Speed Data Transmission

    High Speed Digital Optic Transmission

    SONET / SDH Standard Optic Transmission Technology
    CPRI / OBSAI Standard Optic Transmission Technology
    Custom Frame Design / Optic Transmission Technology
    Max. 40G Speed Optic Transmission Technology
    Optic Tx / Rx Transmission Nodule Dev.

    High Speed Digital UTP Transmission

    10/100/1000B-T(F) Ethernet Technology
    POE (Power Over Ethernet) Technology
    Custom Frame UTP Transmission Technology
    USB Interface Transmission Technology

    High Speed Digital Data Transmission

    IF/IQ/Ethernet Composite Signal MultiplexingTechnology
    Data Compress / De-compress Technology
    Synchronous Transmission Network Clock Sync. Technology
    HDLC / PCIExpress / RAIO / SRIO High Speed Direct Transmission Technology
    DDR / SDR Memory Access Technology

    Digital Signal Processing Technology

    High Speed ADC/DAC Interface

    Up to 1 Gsps ADC /DAC Interface
    Zero IF and SSB Interface
    RF Transceiver with Integrated ADCs and DACs
    High-speed Multi-mode ADC
    JEDEC JESD204A Interface (3 Gbps)

    High Speed Digital Filter Design

    FIR / IIR Digital Filter Technology (4096 Taps)
    Interpolation / Decimation Filter Technology
    Delay/Amplitude Channel Equalizer Technology
    Multi-rate Digital Filter Technology
    Digital Synthesize Technology
    Digital Correlator Technology

    High Speed DSP Algorithm

    TI TMS Series DSP Processor
    DPD, CFR AMP. Linearization
    ICS Interference Cancellation Technology
    Adaptive Signal Processing(ASP) Technology
    Radar Signal Processing(RSP) Technology
    DSP/RSP/Algorithm FPGA or DSP Implementation Technology

    Signal Generation and Analysis Technology

    Digital Signal Generation

    2G/3G/4G(LTE)/5G Modulation and transmission
    Radar Chirp, Barker, PN Code Technology
    AWGN, Fading Channel Sginal Model Technology

    Digital Signal Measurement

    2G/3G/4G(LTE)/5G Signal Measurement Technology (Code Domain Demodulation)
    Rx Signal Power Measurement Technology
    Channel Decoding with Viterbi Algorithm or Turbo Decoding Technology
    Sync Time Acqusition & GPS Timing Technology

    Digital Signal Analysis

    Time / Frequency (FFT) Signal Analysis Technology
    BER, PER, FER, EVM Signal Analysis Technology
    Digital Isolation Detection / Analysis Technology
    Timing Sync / GPS Clock Time Synchronization Performance Analysis Technology
    Radar Target Detection Performance Analysis