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    Traffic safety can be improved by detecting the road surface condition using automotive radar.
    This paper describes two 24 GHz measurement systems for investigating the backscattering properties of different asphalt surfaces e.g. dry, wet and icy surfaces.

    Road Surface Measurement Radar

    Specification and Property

    Road Surface Measurement Radar System
    Dry / Ice / Wet / Etc.
    24.15GHz FMCW Radar
    Temperature & Humidity Sensor
    Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Sensor
    MEMS Motion Sensor
    Ethernet Protocol Interface

    Noise Radar (Road Monitoring)

    Radar System Design using Noise Waveform

    Radar Signal Processing + Controller + Noise Generator
    Detection of distance and speed to target

    Intersection Monitoring Radar

    FMCW Radar

    Detection of distance and speed to target

    Ship Radar System (HYUNDAI)

    Algorithm Design

    ROC Design

    Check points for X-band radar – Frequency range (9.2~9.5 GHz / 9.3~9.5 GHz)
    Variable frequency in X- and S-bands:
    – X-Band: 9210MHz-9490MHz (14 available bands)
    – S-Band: 2920MHz-3080MHz (8 available bands)
    Ref: Solid-state Radar Advantages (DeTect)

    NLFM Pulse Signal Design & Implementation

    System Block Diagram

    Simulation of Signal Processing

    Targets and clutter are separated by measuring the target Doppler shift.

    Signal Processing Module Manufacture

    System Design & Verification